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A social network where you check-in the music you listen to and keeps a record of that data to let you know things like how often do you listen to the particular music, artist, or genre and how your music tastes change over time.

Canary is currently only available in beta for iOS. Get invitation to test pre-release versions for the latest features, enjoy breaking things, and don’t mind uncovering a bug or two in the process, we need you!

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Features and Details

Canary is filled with features exciting enough to make you keep coming back to it. And it gets personalized as much as you engage with it.

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Follow users to see what's hot in their playlist these days.

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Trending isn't what the world top charts throws at you anymore. It's more personalized than you could ever imagine.

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Check in

Check in the music currently playing on your jukebox and populate your followers' newsfeed with what they should be listening to.

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Unlock badges, earn XPs and compete with your friends by leveling up!

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Represent your inner music self to the world cause your profile is, after all, what defines you.

Canary believes that discovering music must always been a personalized experience and people should have a control over it.

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This pre-release program (“Program”) is only available in English. You must be at least 18 years old or have your parent consent to your participation in the Program.

Installation of TestFlight is required for Program participation. TestFlight is published by Apple and its terms and conditions apply. When Canary reeceives data from you or TestFlight, we handle it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You may receive emails from TestFlight or Canary in connection with your participation in this Program.

After signing up, you'll receive the invitation email within 7 working days.